Extreme Impact Glove

The Genius Fit goal is to make high impact gloves for workers for their safety at cheap rates. Builders makes building for us and the genius fit makes impact gloves for our respected workers at cheap rates. Our safety gloves are made with high quality leather for more safety, we use pads which are made of strong material that’s makes gloves resistance proof. You can get resistance gloves form us in Bulk quantity with your brand logo.

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Product description

Extreme Impact Gloves for Safety at Wholesale

Get High quality hand made Customizable Impact gloves for resistance of any level. These Gloves mostly use for Construction works or mechanic works. We offer best build quality cut resistance gloves suit or any work.

Choices we offer:

  • Sizes: Any Size
  • Material: Leather
  • Logo: Your choice
  • Cuff text: Yes
  • Closure type: Adjustable
  • Strap Printing: Yes
  • Low price Guarantee

The Genius Fit manufacture custom impact gloves for workers in the USA for use in a variety of heavy works.