Custom Wrist Wraps

The Genius Fit is a wholesaler of personalized athletic apparel. At wholesale prices, we provide the highest caliber wrist wraps featuring your brand’s logo and style. We provide complete customization and the highest quality wrist wraps. Custom wrist wraps featuring your team’s or your business’s logo can be ordered for your athletes or squad. Our boxing wrist wraps are comfortable and durable specially manufacture for boxers for their practice of fight. comfort experience.

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Customized Wrist Wraps For Gym Lovers

The Genius Fit offers bulk quantities of premium personalized wrist wraps at a discounted price. Create wrist wraps using your company’s logo.

Choices we offer:

  • Sizes: Any Size
  • Logo: Your choice
  • Cuff text: Yes
  • Closure type: Adjustable
  • Color: Any Color
  • Strap Printing: Yes
  • Low price Guarantee
  • Machine washable

Get High quality weight lifting wrist wraps at wholesale price. We manufacture customized wrist wraps of your choice and size.